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6 Steps To Clear Your Competitive Nursing Exams


By Med-train

Nursing is one of the most challenging professions out there. Studying for your exams while managing home and work responsibilities may seem impossible and exhausting. However, with a little bit of planning, time management and ample preparation, you too can ace your nursing exams!

Preparing yourself for the test is crucial; it will increase your chances of scoring well and reduce any fear or nervousness you may have during your exam. 

The following steps can help you better prepare yourself to appear for your nursing exams.

1. Do your research

You will need to identify which nursing entrance exam will get you into the desired career path. Specialisations can help you land a well-paid job even though it takes a few more years to complete your education and get out on the playing field.

Conduct a thorough search for job opportunities available for the specialisation of your choice, Once you finalise the exam, review the syllabus and understand the exam pattern to help you understand how the exam is structured and what concepts are important.


2. Use all available resources smartly

Nursing institutions will guide you through the entire syllabus to clear your degree, but they do not focus on helping you clear your competitive nursing exams. To ace your competitive exams, you will need to attend specialised training meant to help you get through these exams.

Acquire study materials that will help you prepare, like medical books, study guides, websites, and online courses. You could ask your academic advisor or tutors for recommendations on good study guides and reference materials.

Coaching centres provide individual attention, allowing students to revisit complicated concepts, answer multiple questions from various perspectives, and clear their doubts. You can also ask them to guide you through essential reading materials, reducing the volume of books you will need to read to get to the important information.

You can also join a study group to help break down the monotony of studying by yourself. It will help you retain the information by clarifying doubts and bouncing questions off each other.


3. Create a study plan 

In order for you to clear your nursing exams, schedule your study plan well in advance, and stick to it. Giving yourself enough time to prepare for your tests can help you cope with exam stress and nervousness.

Recent data shows that most nurses employed in Government Hospitals hail from Kerala and Rajasthan. On further research, it was found that there are clusters of coaching centres across both states, adding a layer of training for their competitive nursing exams.

These nurses sought assistance through coaching, scheduled their exams and prepared for it well in advance, ensuring that they confidently cleared their exams and secured the job they aspired for.

Assess how much time you have to prepare for your exams, set aside a few hours to study every day, and make sure that you schedule time to sleep, eat, and all your responsibilities. Following a schedule can help you be organised and reduce stress before your exam.


4. Study

This is the most important step to acing your exams. Becoming a successful nurse with a well-paying job takes time and hard work.

Set aside 2-3 hours minimum every day for six months to a year to prepare for your nursing exams. This will help you avoid cramming volumes of information a few weeks before the exam. No matter what, ensure that you do not start preparing for the exam at the last minute.

Coaching adds an extra layer of instruction, helping you tackle questions and concepts that you might find difficult. Look for coaching centres near your location, or if you’re strapped for time, there are courses available online that you can view at your own pace. 


5. Take sample tests and answer questions

One of the best ways to test your knowledge is tests. Tests aren’t all about information recall; it is also about applying concepts learned in class to real-life situations. 

You can find many study guides with practise questions and sample papers that will help you answer questions posed in different manners. The internet also has resourceful materials at your disposal, like blogs, forums to answer questions and more.


6. Maintain a routine

Create a routine that works for you, accommodating hospital shifts, responsibilities at home, studies and most importantly, sleep. Maintaining a routine every day may seem like a tedious task; however, in the long run, it will help you juggle everything without feeling overwhelmed or losing your mind. 

Recuperating after a long day or after a long period of studying is crucial for your health. Make sure to get sufficient sleep and schedule breaks while studying.

Successfully completing nursing school requires immense commitment and may even seem impossible. But with a good plan, well-researched study materials, and determination, it is undoubtedly an achievable goal.