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Nursing Career – "A Road Not Known!"


By Med-train

"What will be your next move?" Little did I know that this question would have infinite answers. Yet, this question goes unanswered while studying for a career, especially a career as competitive as Nursing. 

Graduating nurses from safe and comfortable institutions will know how to care for a patient perfectly and would be less competent to chase the never-ending race for a "Successful Career", instead choosing a spot at low-paying institutions. These real-life situations reflect the importance of educating aspiring nurses on the endless possibilities and career opportunities a nursing career can offer. 

A majority of graduating nurses end up with jobs in Private Hospitals, where satisfactory pay does not come easily, usually requiring backbreaking shifts with lengthy weekly hours, especially in India. On the other hand, a general perception of people hailing from South India is that securing a job overseas would provide better working conditions with reasonable pay, at the cost of staying miles away from one's family. 

A less popular career opportunity is at Multinational Companies, where Industrial Nurses are paid reasonably; however, security of employment is assured only until the recession in the economy, when private establishments and job opportunities are at stake. Despite the instability, few nurses prefer working as Polyclinic Consultants at MNCs with a decent salary and adequate free time. The only aspect at stake is the knowledge volatility, and without consistent practice, nurses can lose various professional skills. 

Nursing Research opportunities as a permanent faculty are also career paths for nurses who want to lead a quiet life. However, it is once in a blue moon when Government Schemes and Health Programs offer job opportunities for nurses. 

Understanding the multitude of opportunities the public sector has to offer is crucial for aspiring nurses. The Government of India has opened up numerous vacancies for Nurses across the country, offering three times the pay and more work benefits compared to other nursing opportunities in the private sector. 

The only hurdle to overcome to secure a job in the public sector is a 3-hour examination! 

Unbelievable, right? 

You may ask, "why isn't everybody writing the exam?" 

While only a 3-hour examination, this exam is competitive and puts your knowledge to the test. These exams do not just test the candidate's medical knowledge, but they also test the objectiveness and in-depth knowledge of the profession, which is what most aspirants fail to understand. 

Finding the right career path and deciding what to study could take six months while preparing for the exams could take an additional six months. 365 days gone by, and with it, all the opportunities at hand. 

In order to secure a nursing job and start your journey towards your dream career, seek proper guidance and work on an action plan to secure a job in the public sector. 

And for all those who require guidance, MedTrain, in association with Vision Coaching Center, presents NCEC, Nurses Competitive Exam Course. 

This elaborate course takes you through all you need to know to clear your competitive nursing exams, with experienced faculty guiding you every step of the way! Our free webinar on various career opportunities for nurses gives you a preview of the course and the numerous nursing job opportunities available in India. 

It is better to experience the scope of nursing in reality compared to reading or listening about them. After all, information is power; the road not taken should not cause regret for the road not known.