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The 3 Most Useful Medical Websites for Doctors in India (& How To Use Them)


By Dr.Divya Goil

In modern-day medicine, it is not possible for a single human being to know everything there is to know. Every healthcare professional uses their phone and desktop for referral –  the latest diagnostic and treatment guidelines, drug doses and adverse effects, medical calculations, and even for etiopathogenesis information.

Do you know what apps and websites for medical professionals your peers are using the most at work?


  1. MedScape

Whether you want to skim through the etiopathogenesis of a rare disease or get an overview of the treatment options available for the patient you just admitted, MedScape is every doctor’s go-to website, India and outside.

Although MedScape has news and information on the latest in the world of medicine, its features that help doctors in everyday practice stand out the most. It has calculators for everything you might need while seeing a patient – expected date of delivery, GFR, risk scores, and so on. MedScape also has a wide pharmacological database and even a separate drug interaction checker tool.

Tools on Medscape

Our favourite feature: The decision point flowcharts, divided by specialty & based on international guidelines, can help you make a call when you’re stuck between management options.


  1. QxMD

We have noticed a rising trend in the use of QxMD by Indian physicians. QxMD has over 400 calculators and decision support tools to help physicians, along with a wide variety of medical research.

In the age of “Publish or Perish” and “Doctors Never Stop Learning”, QxMD has aimed to make life easier for medical professionals by converting all the wide array of information and research available online into practical handheld tools, protocols, and guidelines. 


QxMD features

Our favourite feature: Its calculators use a question flow technique to make calculations quicker and less daunting for doctors.


  1. WebMD

It may seem odd to have a website meant for patients on this list, however, WebMD has been extremely popular with doctors as well. For when you want to quickly skim through the basics of any condition or medication, or are finding it difficult to explain them to your patient, WebMD is an excellent resource.


Our favourite feature: WebMD always shows useful home remedies and simple measures patients can take aside from medical treatment. Physicians can use this to educate their patients about these things – for all-around holistic treatment and building patient rapport.


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