Guide to Anaphylaxis

Enhance your career with our comprehensive Guide to Management and preparedness to Anaphylaxis.

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  • Welcome to our free online Anaphylaxis awareness course! Guide to Anaphylaxis - Anyone can take this course to learn more about life threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and its management in different medical set-ups. A initiative by Dr Nandana Bala and Bangalore MedTrain LLP and our Thanks to Sakra World Hospital Team for the contribution on the content.
  • There is no formal database in India for Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is under recognized and under reported. By completing this course you will be able understand causative and risk factors better.
  • This online course is suitable for anyone who works with, lives with or cares for people – including adults, teenagers and children - who suffer from anaphylaxis.
  • The course is equally suitable for anyone works with members of the public, as the course aims to help you to recognise the symptoms of anaphylaxis amongst customers or service users who may suffer from the condition without you being previously aware.
  • Happy Learning!!!
  • This Course Contains Videos, Reading Material, Class Assessments and Useful Usable Resources.
  • Anaphylaxis | Adult Scenario | Primary Care Set-up
  • Anaphylaxis | Child Scenario | Secondary or Tertiary Care Set-up
  • Anaphylaxis | Adult Scenario | Secondary or Tertiary Care Set-up
  • Epinephrine Injection Preparation in Primary Care Set-up
  • Report an Anaphylactic Case/Incident
  • Free Resources | Downloadable
  • Course Always Available
  • Duration: 1 month Course.
  • 6+ Online Recorded Lecture Videos | 4 Hours.
  • Class Assessments/Quiz.
  • Free Resources.

Certificates will only be given on completion of required coursework and on passing the examinations.

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