Neonatal Ventilation Course

Enhance your career with our comprehensive guide to Neonatal ventilation

Start Date

Jan 17th, 2024

Course Duration

6 Months

No. of Students

Limited 50 Seats


Practicing Neonatalogists or Pediatricians

  • Our neonatal ventilation certificate course is a 6-month course aimed at helping you develop competence in managing neonatal respiratory & ventilatory problems.
  • This course is a hybrid one, being predominantly online with an on-site workshop towards the end of the course
  • Achieve a clear understanding the basic physiologic concepts related to lung physiology and oxygenation
  • A detailed update on the various forms of ventilation, both invasive and noninvasive
  • Achieve good understanding of all the supportive treatments related to ventilatory management and an overall approach to babies with respiratory diseases.
  • Taking into consideration the needs of Neonatal Ventilation in India, we have developed a 6-month certified course for doctors. Neo-Vent Course provides ambitious doctors knowledge
  • The course has been designed by 9+ internationally acclaimed Neonatal Ventilation experts from India, UK, USA, Australia and New Jersy - all of who are from esteemed institutions.
  • Well-researched information from faculty across the world will help you gain different perspectives and knowledge so that you can upgrade your knowledge and practice the latest recommended evidence-based treatment . The course has been designed to suit the Asian context with emphasis on the basics of Neonatal Ventilation .
  • With predominantly online recorded sessions, frequent live contact sessions, and 2-days hands-on personal contact session, the Neonatal Ventilation will also have regular assignments, Q & A sessions with the faculty, case presentations and so on to ensure active learning
  • The coursework can be accessed via mobiles - both Android and IOS, iPads, and other tablets, and will require you to dedicate approximately 4-5 hours a week to it.

1. Comprehensive Curriculum: The program covers a wide range of topics, Overview of Respiratory Distress, Blood Gas Analysis, Oxygenation, Respiratory Failure, Additional Measures in Managing Neonatal Respiratory Disease.

2. Renowned Faculty: We have assembled a team of renowned faculty members who are experts towards updating neonatology training of Paediatricians, Neonatologists and Post-Graduations.They will provide in-depth insights, practical tips, and case studies to enhance your understanding and decision-making skills.

3. Online Format: The program is delivered entirely online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can access the course materials and lectures from anywhere, anytime, using your mobile device with an internet connection.

4. Interactive Learning: The program incorporates interactive elements such as quizzes, discussions, and case-based scenarios to facilitate active learning and knowledge application.

5. Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, recognizing your dedication to advancing your skills in Neo-Vent Management.

  • What is Respiratory distress?
  • Chapter-02
  • Common Causes of Respiratory Distress in Neonates
  • Chapter-03
  • Approach to Investigations and Management of Respiratory Distress
  • Chapter-01
  • Overview of Oxygenation in Neonatology
  • Chapter-02
  • Monitoring of Oxygenation
  • Chapter-03
  • Oxygen Toxicity
  • Chapter-01
  • Basic Overview of Pulmonary Mechanics
  • Chapter-02
  • Practical Application of Pulmonary Mechanics in Relation to Management of Lung Disease
  • Chapter-01
  • Types of Respiratory Failure
  • Chapter-02
  • Approach to Management of Different Types of Respiratory Failure
  • Chapter-01
  • Basic Overview of Blood Gas Analysis
  • Chapter-02
  • Practical Aspects of Neonatal Blood Gas Analysis
  • Chapter-01
  • Types of Respiratory Support
  • Chapter-02
  • Overview of a Ventilator
  • Chapter-03
  • Overview of Non-invasive Ventilation
  • Chapter-04
  • NIPPV | BiPap
  • Chapter-05
  • High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy
  • Chapter-06
  • Modes of Invasive Ventilation and Synchronisation
  • Chapter-07
  • SIMV and SIPPV
  • Chapter-08
  • Volume Guarantee ventilation
  • Chapter-09
  • High Frequency Ventilation and NAVA
  • Chapter-10
  • The First Golden Hour Protocol in Managing Preterms
  • Chapter-01
  • Decision Making in Neonatal Ventilation
  • Chapter-02
  • Blood Gas Analysis and other Monitoring While Ventilating Newborns
  • Chapter-03
  • Complications of Mechanical Ventilation
  • Chapter-04
  • Approach to Ventilation According to Lung Pathology
  • Chapter-05
  • Use of Waves and Loops in Ventilation
  • Chapter-06
  • Extubation
  • Post MD or post DNB Pediatrics

    Practicing Neonatalogists or Pediatricians Involved in Neonatal Care

    Post DCH/ MRCPCH

    Any Other Intrested Candidates

    • Course starts on January 9th, 2024
    • Duration: 6 months.
    • 8 Modules | 36 Chapters.
    • 36+ Online Recorded Lecture Videos
    • 8+ Class Assessments/Quiz.
    • 10+ Live Class (Online Contact Session)
    • Personal Contact Session with Exit Exam
    • 5+ Monthly Assesments Tests
    • Mandatory Criteria for Certification
    • A minimum of 85% course content completion is required.
    • A minimum of 8 OCS (Online Contact Sessions) attendance is mandatory.
    • Successful completion of the PCS (Personal Contact Session) is a prerequisite for taking the final exit exam.
    • Certificate
    • Certificates will only be given on completion of required coursework and on passing the examinations.

    Course Fee:

    Indian Doctors

    Rs.51,000.00+ 18% GST

    Course Fee will be accepted in 2 installments of INR.40,000, INR.20,180.

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    Course Fee:

    International Doctors

    $ 750.00 USD

    Course Fee to be paid in single payment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    During the PCS, you need to bring the following documents in soft copy with self attested for verification. In case of non-availability of the documents due to any reason, certified copies (by either Medical Superintendent of a Government hospital or Principal/Head of Department of post-graduation medical college/ hospital) may be considered. Documents need to be verified on the day of the Personal Contact Session at the reception desk. No originals or copies are required to be submitted. The documents needed for verification are:

    • MBBS degree certificate
    • Post-graduate degree/diploma certificate
    • Current valid Medical council registration certificate (Center or State)
    • Current valid passport (Both original & self-attested copy) - only for international candidates

    It will be mandatory for all the enrolled candidates to follow the course curriculum guidelines completely, failing which either their candidature may be cancelled or they will be not allowed to appear in the exit exam. The decision by Neo-Vent governing body will be final and binding to all in this regard.

    Attendance at the PCS is mandatory for appearing in the final exit exam. If due to certain circumstances, any candidate is unable to attend any PCS, then he/she is supposed to attend the same PCS with the next batch to be eligible for appearing in the final exit exam (next year after completion of all the PCS).

    All sessions are planned as per the availability of faculties, teaching rooms, and other logistics. Once decided, PCS dates will NOT change due to any candidate’s personal request. Dates might change in a rare instance, depending upon the logistics for conducting the sessions. The decision by Neo-Vent governing body will be final and binding to all in this regard. Exit exam - The exit exam will be conducted at the end of the course. Minimum of 60% marks in both theory and practice will be required (independently) for passing the exit exam. Assignments will have predefined weightage in the final exam. The final exam will be evaluated by both Indian & International faculties.

    There is NO separate exam fee for the candidates enrolled in the same academic batch. If a candidate needs to appear for the exit exam in subsequent batch after enrollment due to any reason (including the inability to attend any PCS or clear the exit exam in scheduled time or others), he/she is supposed to submit the LATE EXIT EXAM FEE (5000/- INR for Indian nationals ).

    There will be NO refund of any part of the fee after submission, even if the candidate chooses not to join the course or discontinue in between due to any reason. The fee will NOT be transferred to another candidates account if any candidate wishes to do so. In case of any unusual circumstance, the decision of the Neo-Vent governing body will be final and binding to everyone.

    Convocation - Successful candidates will be awarded the certificate of the “NEONATAL VENTILATION COURSE-ONLINE” by Med-Train, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.

    Dispute settlement - The venue of the arbitration will be Bangalore and the Indian laws will be applicable. The Bangalore court alone will have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudication in case of any dispute.

    For any Technical Issues or Assistance,

    Contact Med-Train Tech Support: WhatsApp number: +91 79757 64489 Or write to

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