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Nurses Competitive Exam Course

To pass the nursing competitive exam

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Start Date
February 01st, 2022


Course Duration
4 Months


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No Limit



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How Will This Course Benefit You?

Vacancies each year    - ​​​​8,000+ in Central Government jobs.

                                           - 10,000+ in State Government jobs.

                                           - 10,000+ in foreign countries.

  • Write your competitive exams with confidence and land a job with ease.
  • Be fully prepared for competitive exams - government, private and international.
  • All-in-one course for entering into various different posts.
  • Cover every topic in the INC syllabus with this course.
  • Build a strong theoretical foundation and improve your knowledge.
  • Enhance your learning & productivity with this highly-structured course.
  • Receive a quality learning experience with our interactive, engaging teaching methods.

Course Fee:

Rs. 11,000.00

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Note: the course fee is excluding GST. 18% GST shall be paid on course fee.

Nursing Career Video

• Cardiovascular system
• Hematological system
• Respiratory system
• Gastro-intestinal system
• Endocrine system
• Genito- urinary system
• Male reproductive system
• Musculo-skeletal system
• Integumentary system
• Nervous system
• Oncology
• Cardiovascular system
• Hematological system
• Respiratory system
• Gastro-intestinal system
• Endocrine system
• Genito- urinary system
• Male reproductive system
• Musculo-skeletal system
• Integumentary system
• Nervous system
• Oncology
• Introduction to microbiology
• Sterilisation and disinfection
• Culture media
• Infections, Carriers, Immunity
• Hypersensitivity, Blood grouping
• Bacteria’s , Virus, Prions, Covid 19
• Introduction
• Theories
• Fluid and electrolytes.
• Hygiene and needs
• Routes of medication administration
• Physical assessment
• Positioning and ergonomics
• Comfort and comfort devices
• Vital signs
• Nursing process
• Procedures in Nursing ( wound healing and dressing, wound drainage)
• Care of tubing’s
• Emergency Nursing
• Image based questions
• Fluid & Electrolyte Balance
• Cardiovascular System (CVS)
• Respiratory System
• Central Nervous System (CNS)
• Oncology
• Genitourinal System
• Integumentary System
• Musculoskeletal System
• Endocrine System
• Ophthalmology
• Historical aspects of public health
• Terminologies
• Concept of health and illness
• Levels of Prevention
• Immunity
• Vaccines
• Public health strategies
• Disaster
• Health indices
• Non-communicable diseases (NCD)/Degenerative disease
• National Health Programs
• Demography
• Environment and Health
• Health Committees
• Panchayati Raj
• Primary Health Care
• Nutrition programmes
• Voluntary Health Agencies
• International Health Agencies
• Ayushman Bharat
• Health Planning
• Communication
• Important Days of Public Health Importance
• Important Years of Public health importance
• Introduction to Child Health Nursing
• Newborn Care
• Growth and Development
• Disorders of Growth and Development
• Diseases of new-born
• Neurological Conditions
• Respiratory Conditions
• Disorders of Cardiovascular System
• Urinary Tract Disorders
• Genetic Disorders
• Skin Disorders
• Introduction to Obstetrics
• Anatomy of pelvis and fetal skull
• Anatomy of Female Reproductive System
• Development of fetus
• Normal pregnancy
• Normal labour
• Peuperium
• Vomiting in Pregnancy
• Hemorrhage in Pregnancy
• Multiple Pregnancy
• Abnormal Pregnancy
• Operative Obstetrics
• Gynecological Conditions
• Cardiovascular system
• Hematological system
• Respiratory system
• Gastro-intestinal system
• Endocrine system
• Genito- urinary system
• Male reproductive system
• Musculo-skeletal system
• Integumentary system
• Nervous system
• Oncology
• Introduction
• Cognitive Process
• Developmental Psychology
• Methods of Psychological Therapy
• Tests and Assessment Scales of Psychology
• Introduction
• Therapeutic Relationships
• Psychotherapy and Its types
• Psychopharmacology
• Classification of Psychiatric disorders
• Psychotic disorders
• Neurotic disorders
• Others
• Introduction
• Ethics in Research
• Steps involved in Quantitative research
• Steps involved in Qualitative research
• Variables
• Research problem
• Hypothesis
• Literature Review
• Theoretical Framework
• Conceptual framework
• Theories in nursing
• Pilot study
• Validity of research designs
• Types of Quantitative research design
• Types of Qualitative research design
• Sampling
• Data Collection methods
• Validity & Reliability of research tool
• Qualitative study data collection
• Scales of Measurement
• Data Analysis
• Descriptive statistics
• Normal Probability curve
• Inferential Statistics
• Test for significance
• Research report
• Introduction
• Management
• Theories of Management
• Administration
• Ethical Principles
• Code of ethics and Law
• Quality Management
• Staffing
• Nursing Care Delivery Models
• Planning
• Organization
• Co-ordination
• Material management
• Financial/Fiscal Planning
• Informatics
• Introduction
• Types of education
• Philosophy
• Educational philosophy
• Educational Objectives
• Curriculum
• Maxims of teaching
• Teaching systems
• Types of learning
• Teaching methods
• Communication
• AV aids
• Evaluation
• Techniques of Evaluation
• Objective Structured Clinical Examination
• Guidance and Counselling
• Discipline
• Continuing education
• Introduction
• Nutrients
• Proteins
• Fats
• Carbohydrates
• Micronutrients
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Cereals, Millets & Pulses
• Recommended Dietary Allowance
• Food Pyramid
• General Awareness
• Current Affairs
• Information Technology
• Alphabetical series
• Numerical series
• Directions
• Calendar
• Clock
• Finding Triangles and Rectangles
• Blood Relationships
• Seating Arrangements
• Basics Math / Number System
• Bodmas Rule
• Square / Square Root
• Indices / Surds / Exponents
• Fraction
• Percentage
• Profit loss
• Simple interest, Compound interest
• Average, Ratio and Proportion
• Work-time
• Time distance

The Nurses Competitive Examination Course will cover all topics required for various nursing recruitment examinations, per the INC syllabus. 

Be fully prepared for competitive exams for various Central and State Govt. jobs, Community Health Officer (CHO), Public Health Nurse (PHN), NCLEX-RN, CRNE, IIOH, HAAD & more.

This course will prepare you for various posts - Nursing Officer, Senior Nursing Officer, Nursing Tutor, Assistant Nursing Superintendent, Assistant Professor, PhD candidates.

Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced in nursing education and clinical practice.

The high-quality, engaging lectures with photos, videos and other multimedia content will improve your medical knowledge.

You can view these videos unlimited times during the subscription period.

Each topic will have mock tests and MCQs for self-assessment and feedback.

You will also receive downloadable notes and practice questions to revise anywhere, anytime. The notes will include all questions previously asked in nursing recruitment exams.

You will also have the opportunity to attend live sessions with the expert faculty to clear any doubts you may have.


  • BSc Nursing
  • MSc Nursing
  • GNM


  • You can subscribe for the course at any time of the year.
  • Duration: 140 hours/4 months
  • Online recorded interactive lectures.
  • Practice questions and mock tests.
  • Online live discussions for questions and doubts.
  • Downloadable notes, practice questions and past-paper questions.
  • Immediate access to course contents on enrollment.
  • The course fee is ₹10,000 plus 18% GST. 

Your subscription period will end after 4 months.

It can also be extended at the cost of 1000+18% GST / per month 

Our Faculty




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Why Choose Med-Train ?

  • Expert faculty from esteemed institutions.
  • Self-paced, flexible learning.
  • Live sessions to engage with the faculty.
  • Interactive learning through engaging multimedia content for the lectures & assignments.
  • Quality learning experience covering the entire syllabus.
  • Practice questions and mock exams tailored to recruitment and competitive exams.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All subjects for BSc Nursing course as per INC guidelines.

There will be NO refund of any part of the fee after submission, even if the candidate chooses not to join the course or discontinue in between due to any reason. The fee will NOT be transferred to another candidate's account if any candidate wishes to do so. In case of any unusual circumstance, the decision of the governing body will be final and binding to everyone.

Dispute settlement – The venue of the arbitration will be Bangalore and the Indian laws will be applicable. The Bangalore court alone will have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudication in case of any dispute.