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Start Date
July 31st, 2021


Course Duration
6 weeks


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How Will This Course Benefit You?

For Doctors,

  • The course will enable you to set up waste management and cold chain inventory protocols as per internationally recommended standards, lending added credibility to your institute.
  • Having your staff trained professionally will benefit your clinic by saving time and third-party expenditure.
  • You will upgrade your knowledge on vaccines to better guide your patients through the different ones, and thus, improve communication with your patients.

For Nurses,

  • Boost your CV with this important skill-set, giving you the potential to enhance your role at your workplace.
  • Being able to comply with internationally recommended guidelines for cold chain, inventory and waste management could enhance your job potential.
  • Minimize workplace errors and optimize patient care.

Why Vaccinology?

The Covid-19 pandemic has drawn the world’s attention to the importance of preventing infectious diseases.

  • Research shows that there are significant gaps in the knowledge and practices of healthcare professionals and patients, with regards to childhood, adult and geriatric vaccination.
  • Moreover, with the medical advancements and continuously changing internationally guidelines, healthcare professionals are required to constantly update their skills and clinical set-ups.


This e-learning course has been devised to help healthcare professionals delve deeper into the subject. 

  • It will cover theoretical, clinical, and immunological aspects of vaccinology with respect to the vaccines used in day-to-day practice as well as those used in special circumstances. 
  • Practical aspects with regards to vaccinology such as inventory management, waste management as per internationally recommended guidelines, the management of AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization) including anaphylaxis etc., will also be taught.

Registered with the Medical or Nursing Council.

  • The course dates will be announced soon.
  • Course duration – 6 weeks.
  • 12 recorded online interactive sessions.
  • Live Zoom call sessions with the faculty.
  • Hands-on workshop at the end of the course. 
  • 100 students only.

Certificates will only be given on completion of required coursework and on passing the examinations.

Our Faculty

Why Choose Med-Train ?

  • The course has been curated by India’s top paediatricians.
  • Self-paced flexible learning.
  • Dedicated 1:1 mentoring.
  • High-end interactive learning management software with engaging quizzes, assignments, case studies, group discussions to making learning engaging.
  • Live contact sessions to engage with the faculty.
  • Certificate Courses


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to complete all the online courses to complete the course and get certified.

Yes, you need to complete all the online courses to complete the course and get certified.

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion from Med Train at the end of the course.

No, this course is not equivalent to a degree.

There are no formal research opportunities attached to the course. If during the course, you find a possible opportunity, you can discuss it with the faculty if they are willing. 

There will be NO refund of any part of the fee after submission, even if the candidate chooses not to join the course or discontinue in between due to any reason. The fee will NOT be transferred to another candidate’s account if any candidate wishes to do so. In case of any unusual circumstance, the decision of the Med Train governing body will be final and binding to everyone.

No, there will be no stipend provided.

In the event of a dispute settlement, the venue of the arbitration will be Bangalore and the Indian laws will be applicable. The Bangalore court alone will have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudication in case of any dispute.