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A unique opportunity to make a difference, you treat 100 patients that means you have saved 100 lives, you teach 100 Doctors you save 10000 lives and also you made a difference to the credibility and income of 100 Doctors.

A Case Study

Allergy Asthma Specialist course- Developed by few Allergy Specialist from India /USA/Singapore in 2021, this was a new learning technique in medical field, course was delivered to pediatricians, ENT, General, physicians, pulmonologist etc. through learning management system. Now in the span of 18 months 242 doctors trained and another 100 doctors are getting trained now.

Difference to Society

  • The quality of Patient Care has improved tremendously, Allergy Testing, Spirometry, PEFR, sub Lingual Immunotherapy is practiced.
  • The Patient is getting the best quality care of international Standards.

Difference to Organisation

  • A Deep level of satisfaction of making a difference in the health care sector
  • Unique service proposition [USP] and potential for increasing and training opportunities

Difference to Teacher

  • Huge satisfaction
  • Learning while teaching
  • More popularity
  • Constant source of regular Income

Difference to Doctors

  • Great satisfaction in treating the patient to the best possible standards
  • Better credibility and impressive curriculum vitae
  • Well known in society
  • Better income

Med-Train will stand by any doctor interested in teaching or training medical fraternity

  • Bringing Like-minded Doctors
  • Structuring and building medical content.
  • Content Developing process [Recording and Digitization work]
  • Enhance the quality of presentation
  • Inserting the content in learning management software
  • Getting Affiliation from university or organization
  • Communicating to potential doctors desirous of enhancing their skills
  • Registration process
  • Delivering the course
  • Managing the complete communication, before during and after the course
  • Certifying

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The feasibility of developing and delivering the course will be decided after a meeting between the potential teacher /s and med train

Where in the doctors were able to learn the structured course from their mobile/tab/laptop and complete modules one by one and answer the assessment questions. Clarify doubts through social media and live zoom session once in fortnight and learn practical skills during 3 days of contact session. Complete the courses after 9 months and pass the exams and get certified from deemed university and international bodies.